North Barstow/Medical Business Improvement District


The North Barstow/Medical Business Improvement District was formed in 2005 to allow business and property owners in the North Barstow and Medical district of downtown to develop, manage and promote their respective district and to establish an assessment method to fund these activities. This district extends from North Farwell Street west to include the Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire Hospital-Luther Campus. An 11-member board guides the district.


  • Encourage property owners to make improvements to their properties.
  • Promote and encourage the creation of distinctive and visually appealing entryways to downtown via Cameron, Madison, and Galloway Streets.
  • Ensure and promote the feeling of safety in the area.
  • Provide for and encourage the cleanup and maintenance of the riverbanks, riverfront park and trail systems.
  • Enhance the beautification and cleanup of this area of downtown to make it attractive to visitors.
  • Encourage the maintenance and upgrade of streets and parking areas in the district.
  • Provide and encourage development of housing, entertainment, cultural and civic activities and facilities downtown, including Phoenix Parkside.
  • Promote this part of downtown as an attractive, desirable place to live, work, shop and be entertained.
  • Encourage and promote the development and vitality of downtown.
  • Ensure that future development achieves a high standard of environmental quality and urban design.
  • Actively recruit businesses that accomplish these goals.


  • Support and coordinate with Downtown Eau Claire Inc. (DECI).
  • Support events within the District and engaging in efforts to provide a positive visitor experience, such as with parking.
  • Fund pedestrian amenities such as benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, and kiosks throughout the district.
  • Fund a banner program, placing N. Barstow/Medical BID branded banners throughout the district.
  • Expanding partnerships for activities within the District.
  • Fund a digital kiosk project near Phoenix Park to promote wayfinding in Downtown.
  • Downtown Eau Claire Inc. provides staffing assistance.

North Barstow BID Revenues & Other Financing Sources

North Barstow BID Expenditures & Other Financing Uses