City Council


The City is governed by an elected City Council consisting of a Council President elected at large, five Council Members elected at large and five Council Members elected from separate districts. All legislative power is vested in the City Council, which has the responsibility to determine community needs, establish priorities, set policies, adopt an annual budget, and appoint a full-time City Manager to serve as the Chief Executive Officer responsible for City operations. The Council also makes appointments to boards, commissions, and committees. The City Council holds public hearings at 7 pm on the Monday night prior to the legislative sessions held at 4 pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.


  • Support economic prosperity for all with diverse, creative, economic development and inclusive housing options.
  • Provide safe, functional, and accessible infrastructure and services that are environmentally sensitive and sustainable.
  • Optimize the city’s organizational potential.
  • Develop, nurture, and revitalize safe, healthy, and connected neighborhoods.
  • Facilitate an engaged community.
  • Create engaging opportunities to make Eau Claire livable, lovable, and fun.
  • Nurture community-wide opportunities for personal learning, growth, and development.

City Council and Staff Strategic Values:

  • We believe in making Eau Claire a great City.
  • We believe that local government is a stewardship.
  • We believe in sustainability.
  • We believe in equity

City Council Expenditure Summary