Police K-9 Fund


In 2014, the City of Eau Claire’s Police Department received approximately $570,000 from the Estate of Mary Doolittle. Ms. Doolittle donated these funds and expressed her desire for them to be used to fund K-9 units for the Eau Claire Police Department. We currently have three (3) Units. K9 Officer Summers with his partner Manso, K9 Officer Briski with his partner Bolt, and Lieutenant Ben Frederick with therapy dog K9 Murphy. Our K9 officers are assigned to the Patrol Division and the Professional Standards Bureau. They work on separate shifts to provide the greatest service to our community. The K9 fund will help support our current K9 program by providing necessary equipment and provide extensive training needed to continue our successful program.


  • Search and rescue operations.
  • Officer safety.
  • Community outreach focus to improve community relations.
  • Detection of illegal drugs in the community such as methamphetamine, cocaine and opioids.
  • Provide comfort to people during times of crisis.
  • Compassionate response to support child victims.
  • Critical incident stress management.
  • Facilitate interactions during investigations involving children and adults.


  • Increase the success of locating missing and vulnerable community members.
  • Increased officer safety during building searches and high-risk critical incidents.
  • Provide education on police operations to community members and various organizations.
  • Confiscation of dangerous drugs.
  • Increased community interaction and dialogue.
  • Emotional support.




Police K9 Fund Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Police K9 Fund Expenditures & Other Financing Uses