Budget Calendar


City Council approves an annual Operating Budget for the City of Eau Claire. State of Wisconsin law requires that the City of Eau Claire prepare an annual budget and hold a public hearing on it. All City departments are required to submit departmental budget requests in July. These requests form the foundation on which the Proposed Operating Budget is built upon. The Proposed Operating Budget is presented to City Council in late September. The City also has public hearings on the operating budget in which we welcome the input of the public on the operating budget. The City Council submits any amendments requested on the budget, and it is formally voted upon in November of each year.

Upon adoption of the operating budget, any amendments that increase the budget amount provided to the department, or transfers between departments or funds, must be approved by the City Council and requires a 2/3 vote of the entire City Council.

City Council also reviews and approves a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) annually. The Capital Improvement Plan is prepared in May of each year. The proposed Capital Improvement Plan is brought before various commissions for their review and recommendations (Plan Commission, Transit Commission, and Waterways & Parks Commission). The CIP is also presented as a public discussion in which we welcome the input of the public on the Proposed Capital Improvement Plan. The Proposed Capital Improvement Plan is ultimately brought before City Council for adoption.