Landfill Remediation


The City of Eau Claire owned and operated a landfill located off Highway C in the Town of Union from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. The landfill, which sits on a 100-acre site, collected household and industrial waste from Eau Claire County and the surrounding area. It was closed in the early 1980s.

The Landfill Remediation Fund was authorized by Council in late 1993 and accounts for transactions associated with the activities of the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRP) Group to address contamination issues at the City’s former landfill.

The City of Eau Claire acts as the administrator for the PRP Group. The PRP Group has been established to respond to environmental concerns associated with the landfill site. Responsibilities include working with consultants and contractors on correction of well contamination issues along with monitoring and evaluation of the existing ground water extraction system.


  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Provide appropriate environmental monitoring.
  • Professionally and promptly respond to concerns raised by property owners in the vicinity of the landfill.


  • Continued compliance with regulatory requirements and reporting to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
  • Monitor private well and extraction well testing.
  • Continued evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing ground water extraction system.
  • Ongoing communication and updates with property owners in the area of the landfill and the PRP Group.

Landfill Remediation Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Landfill Remediation Expenditures & Other Financing Uses