Public Transit


The Public Transit Fund provides for the fixed-route bus system and associated public transportation under the direction of the Eau Claire Transit Commission. The Transit Commission is responsible for establishing and monitoring a comprehensive and unified transportation system to the community.


  • Operate a public transportation system to provide an economical, safe, comfortable, and equitable transportation option.
  • Provide specialized transportation (paratransit) services to citizens who are not able to use the regular bus service.
  • Maintain and staff the shop with skilled mechanics to adequately maintain all transit vehicles.
  • Operate the system in accordance with State and Federal regulatory agencies.
  • Provide bus service under cooperative and negotiated agreement contracts.
  • Transition to a new Transfer Center Facility.


  • Operated 16 regular bus routes using a fleet of 22 buses.
  • Provided nearly 400,000 rides through August of 2023. An increase of 53% from 2022.
  • Operated over 460,000 miles of revenue service through August of 2023.
  • Construction of a new transfer facility continues and is expected to open in late summer of 2024.

Public Transit Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Public Transit Expenditures & Other Financing Uses