City Clerk/Elections


The City Clerk’s office is responsible for the production of the bi-monthly City Council agenda packets and compiling of the minutes for all City Council legislative meetings. The Clerk provides records management services for the City’s permanent records. The Elections Division is responsible for conducting all Federal, State, City and School District elections held within the city.


  • Ensure that eligible voters are able to exercise their right to vote in an environment where elections are efficiently administered according to State and Federal law.
  • Ensure that the Council Members receive the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding issues that come before them on the Council floor.
  • Allow access to public records in a timely manner.


  • Conduct the February/Spring Primary, April/Spring Election, August/Partisan Primary, and November/Fall General (Presidential/Gubernatorial) Election.
  • Process absentee ballots and voter registration forms, and maintain voter database. • Train approximately 500 Election Officials (Election Day poll workers).
  • Compile City Council agenda packets for City Council meetings and minutes following each legislative session.
  • Maintain permanent records and respond to open records requests.

City Clerk/Elections Expenditure Summary