Parks Maintenance


The Parks Maintenance Division provides maintenance services for over 1,000 acres of community parks, recreational trails, athletic fields, stadiums, an off-leash dog park, pavilions and shelters. The Division is responsible for mowing, horticultural practices, athletic field preparation, stadiums, outdoor winter sports, garbage collection, facility repairs, weed harvesting on Half Moon Lake, and special events preparation.


  • Contribute to the public transportation infrastructure by maintaining bike trails.
  • Provide volunteer opportunities.
  • Provide safe, universally accessible and connected parks, facilities, and amenities.
  • Provide a wide variety of excellent leisure activity facilities and open green spaces.
  • Provide support to community events, programs, and tourism promotion.


  • Maintained 403 of the 1,080 acres of community and neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities.
  • Maintained pavilions, shelters, and stadiums, including preparation and clean-up for public rentals.
  • Maintained 46.3 miles of paved recreation trails.
  • Maintained cross-country ski trails and ice-skating rinks, including construction and grooming maintenance.

Parks Maintenance Expenditure Summary