Human Resources


The Human Resources Department plays a vital role in providing strategic organizational service and support to all city departments through its personnel management. Services include: recruitment, benefits administration, training, labor relations, contract administration, and payroll/personnel system operation.


  • Develop hiring plans and recruitment policies to aid in the recruitment and retention of a competent and motivated workforce.
  • Promote a diverse workforce and provide employees with a safe and discrimination/harassment-free work environment.
  • Deliver training programs to increase the expertise and abilities of City employees and supervisors.
  • Comply with numerous Federal and State employment laws and regulations.
  • Establish, develop, maintain and communicate City policies throughout the organization.
  • Administer compensation and benefits for City employees and retirees.
  • Manage employee healthcare and wellness programs.


  • Received and processed 2,318 employment applications and 708 personnel actions.
  • Filled 129 regular positions and numerous temporary and seasonal positions.
  • Administered 128 recruitments.
  • Conducted four (4) division head recruitments (Utilities Manager, Transit Manager, Communications Center Manager, Streets & Fleet Manager).
  • Conducted three (3) department director recruitments (Community Services Director, Finance Director, and Human Resources Director).
  • Completed City Manager and Library Director recruitments.
  • Recruited for ARPA Funded positions.
  • Conducted virtual MLK Day Training for employees.
  • Approved 13 new telecommuting or remote work arrangements.
  • Managed a wellness program to improve the health and well-being of employees and retirees and implemented Wellness Activities (Hydration Tracking, Traverse the Ice Age Trail, Fruit Fridays, etc.).
  • Converted all Discoverer Reports to BI Publisher (over 200).
  • Upgraded the City’s payroll system (Highline) to a new version (5.05.53).
  • Implemented updated Fire Department Hiring Process including a rolling eligibility list.
  • Created and distributed Service Award Pins for 5, 10, 15 years of City Service.
  • New Supervisor Training held (after being on hold for 2 years due to COVID).
  • New Employee Bus Tours held (after being on hold for 2 years due to COVID), 3 tour days held.
  • Assisted in the organization and completion of the Safety Rodeo (a joint event between the City and County).
  • Made updates/implementations in NEOGOV to make better use of the system including implementing the New Hire Feed Process in Onboard/OHC, updating/adding all positions to Onboard, updating/adding all class specs to Insight; adding all personnel to Onboard so system is fully updated, implementing Unified Self Service in NEOGOV, and implementing electronic PA process for new hires/transfer/promotions.
  • Started spotlighting employees on HR Instagram page.
  • Time to hire reduction from an average of 44 days in 2021 to an average of 26 days in 2022.

Human Resources Expenditure Summary