Community Services: Administration


The purpose of the Administrative Division is to provide administrative, budgetary, technical, and supervisory support necessary to ensure effective levels of service in the Community Services Department.


  • Provide administrative support, budgeting, and general services to the Community Services Department.
  • Contribute to a healthy community by maintaining public infrastructure, constructing parks and recreation facilities, offering recreational activities, maintaining city streets, maintaining city cemeteries, providing clean water, and providing a means of affordable and accessible transportation.


  • Provide supervision, planning, budgeting, and general services to the divisions.
  • Develop five-year capital improvement plan for streets maintenance, utilities, transit, fleet, parks, cemeteries, forestry and recreation.
  • Aids community members desiring to utilize parks programs, services, and facilities.
  • Facilitate leases for use of City facilities.
  • Maintain master plans for all divisions in the Community Services Department.
  • Provide public access to the authoritative bodies such as City Council, Plan Commission, Transit Commission and Waterways and Parks Commission.
  • Submission of grant applications and grant management.
  • Manage the special events permitting process.

Community Services Administration Expenditure Summary