Information Technology


Information Technology (IT) is the division that is responsible for the design, integration, and support of the City's information technology systems. These systems include the development and support of office and mobile networks, server and storage infrastructure, physical and cybersecurity, as well as Helpdesk support of hardware and software. IT assists all City departments with technology needs.


  • Monitor and develop all areas of security to ensure the safety and security of our staff and data.
  • Provide website administration, training, and support for City users.
  • Continue development and support of network infrastructure utilized by all City employees.
  • Deliver end-user hardware and software support through a centralized Helpdesk to all City employees and City Council.
  • Develop and support our surveillance systems internally as well as community-wide.
  • Continue management and support of wireless access for City staff and citizens.
  • Provide ongoing development to mobile connectivity for Public Safety and Community Services staff.
  • Develop and support all major and enterprise-wide systems (GIS, Email, Public Safety, Security, Document Management, Telephones).
  • Pursue opportunities to expand the fiber network to increase reach and redundancy.


  • Projected estimated closed Helpdesk tickets of 7,000 for 2022.
  • After-hours support of all 24/7 work staff and systems.
  • City website administration, management, and user content management training.
  • Continued updating and configuration of tracking and monitoring systems to allow for proactive issue resolution and generation of departmental performance metrics.
  • Maintain three data centers that provide storage, processing redundancy, and backups for City data and systems.
  • Systems, network, and software administration throughout the city, supporting departments' technical needs and initiatives.
  • Client-side technical support and inventory management. (Computers, software, phones, printers).
  • An active member of a consortium of area organizations to develop and support a regional shared fiber network.
  • Administer and support infrastructure for surveillance cameras, door control, and VoIP phone systems.
  • Continued development and support of remote connectivity and work-from-home initiatives.

Information Technology Expenditure Summary