Cemetery Maintenance


The City operates and maintains two public cemeteries – Forest Hill and Lakeview. Cemetery Division staff sell lots, open graves, and assist funeral directors and families with services in the cemeteries year-round.


  • Provide well-maintained cemeteries for the community.
  • Provide an adequate supply of available lots for burials.
  • Assists funeral homes, monument companies and veterans’ services.
  • Maintain cemetery records.
  • Produce cemetery deeds.


  • Mowed and trimmed 40 acres of lawn at Forest Hill Cemetery and 40 acres of lawn at Lakeview Cemetery.
  • Dug graves as requested by funeral home directors.
  • Sold burial lots, columbarium niches, and marker permits to customers.
  • Currently Forest Hill Cemetery has 11,000 resting places and Lakeview has 13,250 resting places.
  • Averaging 4.11 internment per week.
  • Maintain over 24,000 grave sites while assisting family members with burials.

Cemetery Maintenance Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Cemetery Maintenance Expenditures & Other Financing Uses