Fire & Rescue Department: Emergency Medical Services Operations


Comprising 87% of department responses, emergency medical services (EMS) remain a strong focus of department resources. The department is staffed with 60 licensed paramedics and 30 licensed emergency medical technicians (EMTs). There are four primary paramedic ambulances and three units available as reserves, one of which is equipped to safely transport bariatric patients. Personnel are involved in constant training and also participate in community education and special events to increase citizen knowledge about EMS issues.


  • Continue to work with hospitals to reduce time to definitive care for stroke and heart attack patients.
  • Update EMS protocols based on the State’s template.
  • Continue to develop active threat response policies and training with ECPD and surrounding law enforcement.
  • Continue to develop internal quality assurance programs.
  • Explore partnerships with local health care facilities for implementation of community paramedics
  • Update existing Mass Casualty Incident policies to improve communications with local and regional hospitals.
  • Develop a Tactical EMS team in partnership with ECPD.
  • Replace one ambulance.
  • Evaluate new EMS training platform.
  • Complete WIGEMT and GADCS surveys for Medicaid and Medicare.


  • Transitioned to inter-departmental training of EMS certifications (ACLS, PALS, BLS).
  • Outfitted fire apparatus with rescue task force equipment.
  • Completed EMS provider license renewal.
  • Annual certification of First Responders for familiarization of equipment and driving department ambulances.
  • Updated EMS policies and protocols.
  • Transitioned the annual ambulance cot inspections and ongoing maintenance to the City’s Community Services Division (Fleet personnel).
  • Implemented Interoperative IQ program for medical supplies management.
  • Placed a new (replacement) ambulance in service.
  • Staffed Medic 6 as a fourth full-time ambulance.
  • Placed seven LUCAS mechanical CPR devices in service.

Fire & Rescue EMS Expenditure Summary