Water Utility


The Water Utility Fund provides for the operations of the City-owned municipal water system.


  • Provide an adequate supply of potable water which meets or exceeds all State and Federal standards.
  • Provide municipal water with a return on investment in accordance with State guidelines.
  • Operate and maintain the pumping equipment and pipe system to ensure continuous flow of potable water into the distribution system at a consistent pressure.
  • Maintain an efficient water transmission and distribution system.


  • Supply municipal water that has no violations as described in the annual Consumer Confidence Report.
  • Produce and supply water to customers at a cost of less than $0.003 per gallon.
  • Operate the water supply system in compliance with the WI Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) regulations.

Water Utility Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Water Utility Expenditures & Other Financing Uses