South Barstow Business Improvement District


The South Barstow (formerly Downtown) Business Improvement District (BID) was created in 1984 to allow business and property owners to develop, manage, and promote downtown Eau Claire and to establish an assessment method to fund these activities. The District has been in existence for over 30 years. A 15-member board guides the district.


  • Encourage and promote the development and vitality of the downtown area.
  • Encourage convenient access to downtown via highways, urban traffic, pedestrian arterials and public transit.
  • Promote an efficient system of public and private parking in the downtown area.
  • Ensure that future downtown development achieves a high standard of environmental quality and urban design.
  • Encourage appropriate government agencies to locate in downtown.
  • Promote downtown as an employment center with a proper mix of office, retail, financial, health and professional services.
  • Actively market downtown as an attractive setting for conventions, community activities and events.
  • Provide and encourage development of entertainment, cultural, and civic activities and facilities in downtown.
  • Encourage high-density residential development in downtown.
  • Market downtown as a desirable place to live, work, shop and be entertained.


  • Support and coordinate with Downtown Eau Claire Inc. (DECI).
  • Enhance the downtown area with summer flowers and winter greens in planters.
  • Fund the banner program throughout downtown Eau Claire.
  • Fund pedestrian amenities, such as benches, kiosks, and music and pedestrian shelters.
  • Fund decorative lights on trees along Barstow as an enhancement.
  • Fund trash collection from on-street receptacles.
  • Fund a snow removal program, coordinated with City Streets dept. to clear snow form the boulevards in the district to improve pedestrian access and safety.
  • Host downtown events such as the International Fall Festival and the Eau Claire Jazz Festival’s 52nd Street.
  • Downtown Eau Claire Inc. provides staffing assistance.

South Barstow BID Revenues & Other Financing Sources

South Barstow BID Expenditures & Other Financing Uses