L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library


The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library's mission is to promote lifelong learning, create collaborative spaces, and support open access to diverse materials and resources to enhance the quality of life in the community. The newly remodeled library building opened its doors to the public in September, 2022 and staff and customers have found many new opportunities and a few challenges in the expanded space. Customers have flocked to programs in the 3rd floor Riverview Room, with its capacity to host over 200 people at a meeting. They have also made full use of the many private study rooms available, as well as the three meeting rooms available for booking on the first floor. The large Dabble Box makerspace has allowed participants to use their creativity during classes and open labs. The Youth Services department reports a huge increase in program attendance, and adult reference questions are up by 40%. Many community groups large and small have enjoyed tours of the new spaces available.

With new and expanded spaces come some challenges. The library has experience an upswing in behavioral incidents, which has necessitated a security presence as well as extensive staff training in de-escalating sometimes confrontational situations. The library has more service points than pre-remodel, without an increase in personnel to staff those service points. Programs are in demand, involving more hands-on staff in program planning and execution, and the library is experiencing more requests for community outreach than it can fulfill. Parking is a challenge, with increased program attendance and fewer spaces.

The library is working on its new strategic plan, and has completed a staff survey and a public survey with more than 1200 responses. Focus groups are scheduled to meet in August, giving more opportunities for public input. The library exists to serve everyone in the community, and public input weighs heavily in every decision we make. We look forward to serving the community in this light, bright and beautiful building for years to come.

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