Communications Center


The Eau Claire Emergency Center provides emergency communications for public safety agencies, as well as the residents and visitors, to the City and County of Eau Claire. These services include 911 emergency communications as well as non-emergency communications. Eau Claire has had a combined communications center since 1970. The Communication Center is staffed 24 hours a day by telecommunicators who are trained to handle a variety of situations. The Communications Center also maintains files on warrants, missing persons, protection orders, and stolen property. The Communication Center is funded through a cost-share by both the City of Eau Claire (30%) and Eau Claire County (70%).


  • Support the City of Eau Claire’s strategic plan.
  • Provide efficient and effective communications for all we serve.
  • Continue to strengthen public trust.
  • Research and implement procedures that support best practices for telecommunicators maintaining a centrally located and easy to understand manual.
  • Continue to recruit, hire, and retain caring, diverse, long-term employees.
  • Focus on employee wellbeing through training, support, equipment and a positive work environment.
  • Implement a quality assurance program for EMS, Fire, and Law calls to guarantee that effective and appropriate service is being provided to first responders, citizens and visitors to all of Eau Claire County, and to ensure we are meeting the standards identified in WI Act 296-Dispatcher assisted CPR.


  • Telecommunicators are provided with professional resources to keep their mental well-being in check.
  • Maintain an accurate procedure manual to assist staff with job duties and regularly review procedures so telecommunicator’s are familiar with procedures and up to date, with a focus on high risk, low frequency situations.
  • Maintain high quality staff members who are engaged, invested, and well rounded.
  • Focus on continued advanced telecommunicator training to be best prepared for all calls for service.
  • Continue to utilize technology to provide effective and efficient service and be aware of any improvements.
  • Achieve a high level of success for all staff members regarding quality assurance standards on all types of calls.
  • Regularly meet standards that are set for compliance with WI Act 296.

Communications Center Expenditure Summary