Fire & Rescue Department: Administration


The Administrative division is located on the second floor of Station No. 2 at 216 South Dewey Street. The Fire Chief and his staff maintain offices at this location.


  • Assess cost reduction models and implement service modifications to achieve cost reductions.
  • Continue the advancement of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and develop a sustainable service model for meeting the increasing demands of EMS.
  • Increase public presentations on the mission and scope of the department while evaluating the community’s needs through dialogue and citizen feedback.
  • Evaluate and implement current and future technologies related to department operations.
  • Assess and coordinate training demands of the department’s personnel while meeting the organizational response demands and financial constraints.
  • Sustain fire protection rating of Class 2 established by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) and continue to implement department objectives for achieving a Class 1 rating.


  • Added six new positions and increased minimum staffing levels.
  • Increased staffing from three personnel to five personnel at Station 6.
  • Hired and trained eleven new employees.
  • Established 2023-2024 Promotional Eligibility lists.
  • Continued to improve the infrastructure of the fire stations through extensive capital improvement projects.
  • Developed and implemented new and more responsive methods for recruitment and hiring new employees.
  • Completed the expansion and remodel of Station 6.
  • Completed Station 9’s roof and window repairs.
  • Continued to develop and modify training and assessment processes for improving employee operational knowledge that has resulted in improved job performance.
  • Continued to develop and implement health and safety initiatives for employees and emergency service partners, focusing on peer support training for employees.
  • Enlisted three personnel to progress and facilitate the department’s social media.

Fire & Rescue Administration Expenditure Summary