Police Department: Investigations and Professional Standards


The Investigations and Professional Standards Division (IPSD) has the responsibility to investigate crime, perform community service functions, facilitate community outreach efforts, and insure proper professional standards are achieved. The division is comprised of two separate bureaus; the Investigations Bureau and the Professional Standards Bureau.


  • Support the City of Eau Claire Strategic Plan.
  • Recruitment and organizational efforts focused on an inclusive, diverse, and equitable work environment where all employees feel welcomed.
  • Research and implement policies that support best practice in policing.
  • Provide Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) opportunities; annual in-service training, quarterly Unified Tactics Training, and a 1-week long training course.
  • Provide educational and contemporary training opportunities for all department personnel to stay current on best practices in policing and service.
    • Fiscally responsible through local training opportunities at the Eau Claire Law Enforcement Center.
  • Promote employee well-being that fosters a positive work environment.
  • Increase community connectedness, neighborhood engagement, and partnerships with our community. Strengthen community trust through the Four Pillars of Eau Claire Policing.
    • Policing philosophy
    • Training and education
    • Policy and oversight
    • Transparency
  • Ensure safe schools and maintain positive relationships with the children, parents, and school employees through the School Resource Officer program and Junior Police Academy.
  • Effectively utilize and work collaboratively with surrounding jurisdictions in the Chippewa Valley Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (CVRCFL). Protect the community through the collection of digital evidence in investigations.


  • Remain connected with the community through neighborhood associations, community events, media relations, and social media platforms.
  • Remain fiscally responsible by hosting training courses. In addition, seek outside training courses that support community engagement and best practices in policing.
  • Conduct two Junior Police Academy sessions. The Junior Police Academy serves approximately 50 children a year and strengthens relationships with youth and families.
  • Maintain a successful investigative resolution rate.
  • Continue to build trust and legitimacy within the school district while connecting with our youth, families, teachers, and administrative staff.
  • Continue to engage in constitutional policing while being transparent in all our investigative efforts.
  • Remain focused on recruiting and hiring candidates with a public service mindset. Continue to coordinate comprehensive backgrounds that focus on competence and character.
  • Continue to research in collaboration with partnering agencies in the best changing technology while being fiscally responsible in the Chippewa Valley Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory.
  • The Professional Standards Bureau will continue with quality assurance checks to maintain public trust and police officer accountability.

Police Department IPSD Expenditure Summary