The Engineering Department is responsible for the design, survey, construction and inspection of municipal infrastructure facilities including streets, trails, sanitary sewer, water system, storm water, bridges, parks, buildings, and facilities as outlined in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This department prepares and administers the special assessment program, maintains and oversees official engineering records, maps, the GIS program, and parking operations. The Engineering Department also oversees and maintains the emergency warning system, provides general engineering assistance to city departments, and coordinates contracted consulting engineering services as needed.


  • Plan, design, inspect, and administer infrastructure construction projects and provide technical assistance on infrastructure to other city departments and the public.
  • Deliver engineering services at less than 20% of the construction cost.
  • Record, compute, and coordinate the special assessment program.
  • Aid with subdivisions, commercial and industrial developments, and future street and utility needs.
  • Prepare and monitor development agreements for infrastructure construction in new developments.
  • Update and maintain the pavement management system.
  • Monitor and coordinate flood protection.
  • Provide property owners, developers, internal departments, and visitors with accurate information on land parcels and city infrastructure in a cost-efficient manner and facilitate community development and infrastructure improvements.
  • Assure that all 22 emergency warning sirens are in good operating condition and ready for use, conduct monthly operating tests, and complete repairs in a timely manner as well as maintaining city compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).


  • Developed a five-year capital improvement plan for streets, utilities, parking, facilities, and buildings.
  • Provided design and construction engineering services to thirty street, utility, alley, and parks projects in 2022.
  • Administered nine new development agreements resulting in the construction of $7 million of street and utility improvements constructed by private developers in 2022.
  • Provided Geographical Information Systems (GIS) information and mapping at a cost of less than $10 per parcel.
  • 100% functionality of the emergency warning sirens when tested on a monthly basis.
  • Met and exceeded where possible the NIMS Compliance Objectives.

Engineering Expenditure Summary