Strategic Plan


Our Vision

Eau Claire is a vibrant city with exceptional quality of life and services.

Our Strategic Values:

  • We believe in Making Eau Claire a great city - A place where all people feel "at home", experience a high quality of life, and can reach their potential.
  • We believe that local government in a stewardship - We help citizens meet their needs and help the community solve problems. We cannot always do this on our own; we need and value partners who can help.
  • We believe in sustainability - We must balance the needs of current and future generations in our decisions and investments. This affects our financial, environmental, and development decisions. Today's decisions should not come at the expense of future generations' opportunities.
  • We believe in equity - We must create conditions for all people to thrive and proactively address disparities in health, social, and economic prosperity.

Our Operational Values:

  • The City delivers services in an ethical, professional, fair, and transparent manner.
  • The Eau Claire City Council values each other and City staff by fostering a collegial, inclusive, respectful, and engaging policy-making environment.
  • Eau Claire's City staff values innovative and responsive approaches to service delivery and embraces a culture of continuous improvement.
  • The City values its employees and strives to recruit, retain, and support the best workforce possible.

Our Mission Statement:

It is our mission to assume the common good through services essential for a safe, sustainable, engaged, and healthy community.

Strategic Goals & Objectives

  1. Support economic prosperity for all with diverse, creative, economic development and inclusive housing options.
    • Support and grow the regional economy.
    • Promote downtown development.
    • Improve quality and quantity of affordable single-family and multifamily housing stock for all income ranges.
    • Develop Strategies and capacities for industrial and commercial land and reuse of empty retail spaces.
    • Promote and attract employers with higher paying job opportunities and increase the pool of available talented workers in Eau Claire.
    • Develop innovative strategies to incentivize employers to pay living wages for all workers and promote a citywide culture of fairness, safety, and dignity for workers.
    • Develop, understand, and refine the City’s commitment to approaches to addressing and reducing poverty.
  2. Provide safe, functional and accessible infrastructure and services that are environmentally sensitive and sustainable.
    • Provide excellent recreational parks and open spaces.
    • Provide transportation infrastructure that supports all modes of transportation.
    • Achieve a transition to 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality goals by 2050.
    • Maintain and repair existing infrastructure.
    • Using infrastructure, connect neighborhoods and people.
    • Reduce reliance on automobile transportation.
  3. Optimize the City's organizational potential.
    • Utilize technology to maximize efficiencies and effectiveness.
    • Provide training and other resources to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our employees.
    • Ensure financial stability.
    • Plan and prepare for natural and manmade disasters.
    • Promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace composition that reflects our welcoming community.
  4. Develop, nurture and revitalize safe, healthy and connected neighborhoods.
    • Improve quantity and quality of housing stock for people experiencing low income.
    • Develop programs that strengthen neighborhoods.
    • Develop connected neighborhoods.
    • Provide for safe and healthy housing and preserve the quality of existing housing.
  5. Facilitate an engaged community.
    • Develop programs that connect residents to local government.
    • Improve transparency of local government.
  6. Create engaging opportunities to make Eau Claire livable, loveable and fun.
    • Review special event strategies and policies.
    • Organized special programming for residents and visitors.
    • Create venues ansd spaces to connect people.
    • Review strategies and policies related to healthy and safe substance use.
    • Promote a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community.
    • Create a dog/pet-friendly community.
  7. Nurture community-wide opportunities for personal learning, growth, and development.
    1. Provide for elected and appointed officials and volunteers training.
    2. Facilitate access to expanded opportunities for populations experiencing specific challenges.

The City of Eau Claire's Strategic Plan is grounded in values, focused on the long-term success and sustainability of the City, yet flexible and adaptive to an ever-changing world. The following table defines each element of the plan, how and when it will be reviewed, and who is responsible for or has ownership of each element of the plan.