Accounting Services


Accounting Services provides a variety of accounting and other financial services for public use and for other City departments including preparing for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the Report on Federal and State Awards, the State Municipal Financial Report, and the annual report for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.


  • Provide accurate, timely accounting information according to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Maintain payroll records and ensure compliance with State, Federal and IRS regulations.
  • Process payments to vendors for supplies and services provided.
  • Maximize efficiency of financial data processing systems through the use of advanced technology.


  • Published the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report after review by an independent CPA firm.
  • Maintained grant records and published the Report on Federal and State Awards.
  • Prepared the State Municipal Financial Report.
  • Prepared the annual report for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.
  • Administered ~$20 million for long-term debt obligations.
  • Processed payroll payments for over 1,500 employees totaling $42.8 million annually.
  • Issued an average of 102 accounts payable checks weekly for various service and supplies.
  • Managed the City’s financial system utilizing over 8,600 accounts to track and record all financial transactions.
  • Administered the Travel and Training Policy and processed an average of 400 training/travel statements.
  • Reconciled and distributed $121.9 million of property tax and special assessment collections.
  • Calculated four tax mill rates for properties within the City (includes two Counties and three school districts).

Accounting Services Expenditure Summary