The Forestry Division is responsible for the care of an estimated inventory of over 30,000 trees that live on public property, including boulevards and parks. The Division is responsible for planting new trees, removing diseased trees, and removing and preventing safety hazards to citizens and property. Forestry also administers the boulevard tree rebate program and provides consulting to the Engineering Department relating to trees on reconstruction projects and tree/sidewalk conflicts. In addition, the Division removes tree stumps and responds to storm damage. This division also oversees the single-family residential tree program.


  • Maintain a healthy, thriving urban forest canopy for the community.
  • Provide forestry-related consulting and advice to property owners for the care and selection of trees.


  • Prune, remove, and monitor tree growth for potential safety hazards to people and property.
  • Update the current inventory of all City-owned trees, including condition, species, age, location, and value.
  • Monitor diseases that will affect public and private trees within the community.
  • Participate in annual Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrations to promote the planting of trees.
  • Update the City Urban Forestry Management Plan.
  • Execute the emerald ash borer response plan.
  • Continue to implement the agreement with Urban Wood Network – Wisconsin to recycle community trees.
  • Assist with snow plowing operations in the winter, as needed.

Forestry Expenditure Summary