Finance Administration


Finance Administration develops and assists other departments with implementing the City’s operating and capital budgets. In addition, Finance Administration works with other departments to connect creative financing solutions with funding needs while ensuring compliance with various Federal, State, and local policies and regulations. Finance Administration also coordinates and executes property transactions, administers the City’s tax increment financing, and advises other departments on opportunities for cost reductions and operating efficiency gains.


  • Effective operating and capital finance management.
  • Innovative financial partnerships.
  • Excellence in financial reporting.
  • Conservative debt management.
  • Superior bond ratings.
  • Meticulous grant and contract review.


  • Maintained compliance with State and local debt and fund balance policies.
  • Moody’s Investors Service affirmed the City’s Aa2 rating on the 2023 bond and note issues.
  • Reviewed the terms and conditions for numerous contracts and agreements.

Finance Administration Expenditure Summary