Fire & Rescue Department: Suppression Operations


The Suppression Operations Division assumes the overall planning and management responsibility for fire suppression, hazardous materials response, swift water rescue, ice rescue, dive rescue, high and low angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, confined space rescue, vehicle extrication, urban-wildland interface, and personnel training for the organization. The department acknowledges that personnel are its most valuable assets, and without dedicated and cross-trained personnel the department cannot accomplish its mission of effectively, efficiently, and safely protecting the lives and property of the citizens it serves.


  • Update department SOGs and policies to maximize effective, efficient, and safe service delivery.
  • Administer macro- and micro-level company training that meets mandated requirements through Wisconsin SPS 330, Occupational Safety and Health, National Fire Protection Association, and Insurance Services Office (ISO) standards.
  • Administer Officer Development training focused on succession planning.
  • Update essential suppression equipment.
  • Add Wi-Fi hotspots to all apparatus.
  • Add MDBs to all front-line apparatus.
  • Procure and equip all fire apparatus with ballistic personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Update recruitment and retention initiatives.


  • Increased Station 6’s staffing from three personnel to five personnel
  • Trained and integrated 11 new employees.
  • Relocated apparatus and equipment for maximized service delivery.
  • Conducted numerous formal incident critiques.
  • Completed physical fitness evaluations of all sworn personnel.
  • Updated fire incident Emergency Response Standard Operational Guidelines for improved response times and more efficient, effective, and safe operations.
  • Modified and enhanced structure fire response guidelines.
  • Completed macro- and micro-level department training in Fire Suppression, EMS, Hazardous Materials, Special Rescue, and Technical Rescue disciplines.
  • Administered recruitment presentations at Chippewa Technical College, middle schools, job fairs, and community events.

Fire & Rescue Suppressions Expenditure Summary