Sewer Utility


The Sewer Utility provides for the operations of the City-owned wastewater treatment facility and sewage collection system.


  • Operate the wastewater treatment plant in compliance with State effluent limits.
  • Provide wastewater treatment to a service area which includes the City of Eau Claire, City of Altoona, and a portion of the former Washington Heights Sewer District.
  • Monitor and enforce an industrial pretreatment program.
  • Ensure the sanitary sewer collection system is thoroughly maintained and kept in satisfactory condition.


  • Achieved a score of 4.0 on the Compliance Maintenance Annual Report (CMAR).
  • Cleaned and inspected the sewer collection system.
  • Conveyed and treated wastewater at a cost of less than $0.008 per gallon.

Sewer Utility Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Sewer Utility Expenditures & Other Financing Uses