Police Department: Administration/Administrative Services


Appointed by the Police and Fire Commission, the Police Chief provides leadership and direction to the Eau Claire Police Department. The Administrative Services Division supports the department through the Records Section and Property and Evidence Section. The Administrative Division Manager assists in preparing, managing and allocating the Department's budget as well as the many grants that are allocated to the Department for projects and equipment.



  • Provide leadership and direction to the Police Department.
  • Ensure the Police Department mission and goals are consistent with the City’s Current Strategic Plan.
  • Provide clear and timely communication with the City Manager, Police and Fire Commission, City Council, department employees and the public.
  • Strengthen community and intergovernmental partnerships to maintain a high quality of life for all community members.


  • Ensure the effective response to emergency and other demands for police service.
  • Develop effective crime prevention strategies to assist with maintaining a safe community.
  • Increase police officer staffing levels to maintain current service levels provided to the community.
  • Analyze the crime rate with an Incident-based Reporting System to see the impacts of crime trends on the crime rate.
  • Provide community members with a yearly annual report and community update resource documents.
  • Further develop mental health co-response program.

Police Department Administration Expenditure Summary

Administrative Services Division


  • Continue employee training to stay updated on Open Records Laws to ensure accurate and timely release of reports.
  • Maintain the integrity of evidence for the Eau Claire Police Department and Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office cases.
  • Allow for flexible scheduling when possible within the administrative work group to promote work/life balance.
  • Implement technology enhancements when possible to increase efficiencies.
  • Update the records retention schedule in cooperation with the City Clerk and City Attorney’s Office.


  • Meet legal requirements related to open records requests and court discovery requests from the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Updated the Packaging Manual for evidence to be used by both the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office.
  • Implemented a flexible schedule to promote work/life balance.
  • Implemented a new Public Safety Video System in cooperation with the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Implemented a new Records Request portal for the public to request police records.
  • Began implementation of equipping officers with smartphones.

Police Department Administrative Services Expenditure Summary