Storm Water Utility


The Sewer Utility provides for the operations of the City-owned wastewater treatment facility and sewage collection system.


  • Compliance with the Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System NR 216 water discharge permit.
  • Acquisition, construction, and maintenance of storm water detention basins.
  • Review and approval of development plans for compliance with city regulations.
  • Repair, clean, and maintain the drainage inlets, pipes, and conveyance systems.
  • Respond to citizen concerns regarding drainage issues.


  • Compliance with the conditions of the storm water discharge permit as detailed in the annual report to the WDNR.
  • Worked with several stakeholders to resolve construction site and post-construction site storm water management.
  • Worked with local jurisdictions for a coordinated approach to storm water runoff water quality. Worked with Rain to Rivers – 17 western Wisconsin municipalities working together on runoff water quality education – and participated in the Eau Claire River Watershed Implementation Task Force.
  • Inspection, evaluation, and maintenance of approximately 1/3 of the City’s 134 outfalls. Reviewed site plans and plats for compliance with City regulations in 2023. Provided verbal and written warnings related to erosion control and construction site pollutant compliance.

Street Cleaning

The street sweeping and cleaning services are for the purpose of removing sand, debris, grass, and leaves from the street to prevent plugging of the stormwater drainage system and prevent debris from entering the creeks, streams, rivers, and waterways. The program also improves the environment and aesthetic appearance of the community. The cost of the street sweeping program is funded 100% by the Storm Water Utility.


  • Complete street sweeping in accordance with the requirements of the NR 216 Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Storm Water Discharge Permit.
  • Clean sand and debris from streets in the spring following the winter snow and ice control operations.
  • Remove leaves from gutters in the fall and grass clippings throughout the spring and summer to prevent storm drain plugging.


  • Completed the spring sweeping and clean up no later than May 1st removing 5296 tons of material from the streets.
  • Swept all streets for a total of 11.5 times during the calendar year.
  • Swept all streets in the Watershed 13 times.
  • Swept all streets in the downtown business district 13.5 times.

Storm Water Utility Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Storm Water Utility Expenditures & Other Financing Uses