Community Enhancement


The Community Enhancement Fund was created in 1992 to account for the receipt and use of room tax revenues. Since 1975, the City has levied a room tax on hotels and motels within the City limits, under authority of Wis. Stat. ยง66.0615. The tax was increased to 8% of gross room rental charges in 2009 as provided for in Chapter 3.20 of the City Code of Ordinances. The City allocates 70% of collected room taxes to Visit Eau Claire for tourism promotion and tourism development.


  • Collect room tax revenue for convention and tourism activities.
  • Budget room tax funds for complete distribution each year.


  • Allocate funds to Visit Eau Claire
  • Support for Fairfax Pool operations
  • Support for Fairfax Pool projects
  • Support for Parks projects

Community Enhancement Revenues & Other Financing Sources

Community Enhancement Expenditures & Other Financing Uses