The Recreation Division provides recreation opportunities for community members of all ages and interests. Program areas include aquatics, athletics, leisure activity instruction, specialized recreation, outdoor skating rinks and community events.


  • Provide a diverse selection of programs, services, and facilities that focus on healthy lifestyles, social equity, and collaboration within the community.
  • Provide a comprehensive variety of low-cost recreation activities for adults and children.
  • Create a sense of community, enhance neighborhoods, and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Coordinate the use of park facilities including pavilions, stadiums, athletic fields, and neighborhood shelters.
  • Provide high-quality social and recreational activities for special populations.
  • Manage a comprehensive volunteer program for athletic coaches and park facilities.


  • Increased communication with the community and customers through use of technology and social media resources.
  • Organized activities, events, and instruction. Provide a list of opportunities available to the public for registration.
  • Offer winter recreational opportunities that are accessible in each geographical area of the community.
  • Partnership with Eau Claire Area School District summer school programs.
  • Partnership with other organizations and businesses to provide specialized recreational opportunities.
  • Promote low cost opportunities available to the community.
  • Provide safe and maintained facilities for all recreational activities and events.
  • Concession operations that follow safe food management practices and offer a variety of product selections.

Recreation Expenditure Summary