Streets Operations


The Streets Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning, and plowing of city streets. In addition, Streets Operations installs and maintains the traffic control signals, signs, and street lighting systems.


  • Provide and maintain safe, reliable streets in all seasons and all weather.
  • Ensure that traffic signals and signs are compliant with code.
  • Sweep streets and maintain storm water facilities per storm water permit requirements.
  • Assist other Community Services divisions with maintaining City-owned properties.
  • Continue to improve pavement conditions of City streets through increased street sealing and crack sealing programs.


  • Repair and maintenance of over 375 of City streets.
  • Catch bason and manhole structure repair and rebuilding.
  • Line & crosswalk Painting.
  • Litter Cleanup.
  • Repair & replacement of street sign.
  • Snow Removal.
  • Detention pond maintenance.
  • Assist other divisions as requested.

Streets Operations Expenditure Summary