Capital Improvement Program

2024-29 Community Vitality Department Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Summary

Spending on Projects within Community Vitality

Overview of Department Community Vitality

The Community Vitality Capital Improvement Program is focused on building and maintaining infrastructure and art installations and investing in maintenance measures to prolong the life of these valuable assets. Community Vitality manages several general improvement districts and district-owned assets including five parking structures, two of which have leasable commercial property. The Arts and Culture work group further utilizes 1% of all qualified capital projects budgeted citywide to integrate art into those projects.

Affordable Commercial Program

Beginning in 2024, Community Vitality will begin development of an Affordable Commercial pilot program. This effort may include collaboration with a community partner to formalize the program including consideration of qualified businesses, duration of participation, and leasing standards, as well as program administration. This effort will incorporate broad community engagement and the city’s racial equity instrument in the development and implementation of the Affordable Commercial pilot program.

2024-29 Planned Spending: $600,000

2024 Budget: $100,000

Assessment of Assets

Community Vitality will be updating the Parking Structures Facilities Strategic Plan including an analysis of structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements of the downtown parking garages. This analysis will be used to develop future capital projects through a construction manager/general contract (CMGC) project delivery method which aligns the design and construction phases of project delivery. This analysis will help ensure the parking garage assets are functional, maintained, and safe for use.

2024-29 Planned Spending: $375,000

2024 Budget: $350,000

1% For Public Art

Boulder has a long history of commissioning public artwork for the community's collection. Like many other cities, a percent for art program helps integrate works of art into many capital building projects by applying a formula of funding: 1% of the construction budget of certain capital projects will be used to integrate artwork into the building.

Starting in 2024, instead of making new budget requests each year, the amount of funding for the program will be calculated as a total of six years based on 1% of current revenue projects, minus the 10% assigned to nonprofits. 1% For Public Art allocations support flexible and sustained funding for public art, which is highly beneficial for program planning and the support of the community's vision of public art.

2024-29 Planned Spending: $888,527

2024 Budget: $138,660

Garage Repairs

The garage repair project will fund recommended structural, mechanical, electric, and plumbing repairs to parking garages in the Downtown Commercial District. A construction manager/general contractor (CMGC) project delivery method will be utilized which aligns the design and construction phases for greater efficiency.

2024-29 Planned Spending: $600,000

2024 Budget: $600,000

Estimated Completion Date: 12/31/2024

Parking Garage Staircase Replacement

The parking garage staircase project includes the replacement of the south staircase landings of the 1100 Spruce parking garage and the north stairs of the St. Julien parking garage. These repairs are critical to ensure the stairs are functional, maintained, and safe for use.

2024-29 Planned Spending: $600,000

2024 Budget: $600,000

Estimated Completion Date: 12/31/2024

Powerline Undergrounding

Several overhead power lines exist within the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID). These power lines can pose a threat during weather events and during redevelopment activities. Xcel currently has undergrounding funds to leverage with capital funds to complete the undergrounding work. In addition to mitigating risks associated with the overhead power lines, it will also enhance the vibrant sense of place within the district

2024-29 Planned Spending: $3,000,000

2024 Budget $500,000