Open Space & Mountain Parks

2023 Budget

2023 Budget


Department Overview:

The Open Space & Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources that characterize Boulder. The department fosters appreciation and uses that to sustain the natural values of the land for current and future generations. Also in 2023, additional ongoing funding will be included in alignment with City's effort for competitive wages for temp and seasonal positions.

Department Programs:

Capital and Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Expenditure by Program

Department Overview

Administration (Environmentally Sustainable)

The OSMP Director’s Team ensures strategic alignment of OSMP projects with the department’s mission and priorities. This workgroup includes the director, the science officer, the community relations coordinator, and the four managers of the service areas outlined below. The Central Services workgroup provides support for the daily internal operations of the department. This workgroup offers real estate, information resources, and business services, including acquisition of land interests and management of easement requests; management of data, geographic information systems, and web content; and preparation, analysis, and management of the OSMP budget and related financial systems.

Community Connections & Partnerships

The Community Connections and Partnerships workgroup engages community members around the mission and vision of OSMP. This workgroup coordinates public-facing community efforts in planning, education and outreach, and Ranger services, including coordination of the OSMP Master Plan; Trail Study Area and other system plans; volunteer projects and services, as well as the Junior Ranger Program; and visitor engagement, emergency response, and law enforcement.

Resources & Stewardship

The Resources and Stewardship workgroup enhances Boulder’s natural environment by protecting its ecological, agricultural, cultural, and water assets. This workgroup contains expertise in natural resource management, ecological systems, and recreation and cultural stewardship, including preservation and restoration of ecological, agricultural, water, historical, and cultural resources; tracking and monitoring of the variety of systems across OSMP; and research around visitor use and impacts.

Trails & Facilities

The Trails and Facilities workgroup supports the design, construction, and maintenance of OSMP’s physical assets. This service area is responsible to maintain OSMP’s trails, trailheads and other access points; office buildings and other structures across the open space system; and the department’s equipment and vehicle assets.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund