City Attorney's Office

2024 Budget

2024 Budget


26 FTE

Department Overview:

The City Attorney’s Office is the legal advisor to City Council, the city’s boards and commissions, and all city officials. The City Attorney’s Office also represents the city in civil litigation and prosecutes violations of the municipal code. The City Attorney’s Office reviews and approves the form of all city contracts, works with Risk Management on insurance and claims and provides legal advice to all city departments.

In 2024, the City Attorney's Office will increase funding for employee training, professional development, and equipment to support the office's needs.

Department Programs:

Operating Budget (FY2022-2024)

Expenditure by Program

Program Overview

Administration (Responsibly Governed)

Provides supervisory, secretarial, administrative, and budget support for the Consultation and Advisory Services area and the Prosecution and Litigation Service area, including file maintenance and reporting, updating the municipal code, and development of the department budget.

Consultation & Advisory

This program provides legal support for City Council, the city’s advisory boards and commissions, and general legal support for the operating departments, including but not limited to, compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act, elections law, council agenda support, bond finance and tax matters, water rights defense, conflict of interest advice, the city’s legislative agenda, and legal maintenance of the city’s real estate and affordable housing portfolios.

Prosecution & Civil Litigation

Defends the city in civil litigation matters and challenges the actions of other persons and entities when those actions are contrary to the city's interests. Prosecuting violations of the Boulder Municipal Code is also a primary duty of this workgroup, as well as working closely with enforcement and other city staff to implement and enhance the city’s enforcement strategies.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund