Capital Improvement Plan

Facilities & Fleet

Spending on Projects within Facilities & Fleet

Overview of Facilities & Fleet Projects

Boulder’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP) established the framework to inform Capital Projects planning, development, and implementation. The three pillars of asset management and six guiding principles aid in prioritizing replacement of aging infrastructure and buildings, and serve to guide new projects that are built to last.

This plan sets the standard for excellence in facilities to achieve capital and operations fiscal transparency, reduction of deferred equipment replacement, and progress towards achieving department and city-wide goals in buildings.

Alpine-Balsam Implementation

The Facilities & Fleet Department is leading development of the Alpine-Balsam site which will result in construction of a new Western City Campus and public housing which is being developed by Boulder Housing Partners. The vision for the Alpine-Balsam area exemplifies Boulder’s innovative goals. This project includes overall Process and Project Management of implementation and construction, flood infrastructure, district energy, and enhanced mobility and parking strategies that support the two primary uses on the site.

2023-28 Budget: $3,950,000

2023 Budget: $3,650,000

Estimated Completion Date: 2030

Western City Campus at Alpine-Balsam Development

The Alpine-Balsam Area Plan identified creation of a centralized city services hub as a primary goal; the FMP further defined consolidation of several city buildings to a new Western City Campus as a key initiative enabling the city to better serve the community, meet Climate & Resiliency goals and provide greater financial stewardship of city buildings. These goals will be achieved through a deep energy retrofit and renovation of the former Medical Office Pavilion and creation of a civic plaza connecting to other elements on the site.

Funding for the project's construction was programmed in prior budget years prior to delays caused by COVID and unprecedented construction escalation. A funding gap is anticipated and will be covered through grants and non-conventional methods of leveraging future savings from buildings vacated by this project to fund capital construction.

2023-28 Budget: $70,000,000

2023 Budget: $1,000,000

Estimated Completion Date: 2027

East Boulder Community Center Deep Retrofit and Renovations

A deep energy retrofit and renovation to modernize and provide opportunities for community members to recreate and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The project aligns with Parks & Recreation and Housing & Human Services Master plans and is guided by the key pillars in the FMP putting buildings on a path towards environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and financial stewardship. This project supports the design phase of the deep energy retrofit and facility modernization/renovation.

2023-28 Budget: Construction costs to be assessed during design phase.

2023 Budget: $1,500,000

Estimated Completion Date: 2026