Capital Improvement Plan

Parks and Recreation

Spending on Projects within Parks and Recreation

Overview of Parks and Recreation Projects

The department prioritizes capital projects based on maintaining existing assets and decreasing the maintenance backlog of the department's portfolio of parks and facilities. Most projects included in the department's Capital Improvement Program will not have an impact on maintenance costs due to replacement of aging infrastructure and efficiences associated with new and improved facilities and systems. With the accepted Master Plan, BPR is focusing increasingly on the renovation and refurbishment of existing assets as part of the theme of "Taking Care of What We Have".

Violet Park

Finalize the design and construction of the undeveloped portions of Violet Park. This park development has been a priority for several years to extend the service areas of parks to adjacent neighborhoods and is planned to align with the greenways improvements and construction of the North Boulder Library.

2023-28 Budget: $1,750,000

2023 Budget: $1,250,000

Estimated Completion Date: 2024

Renovation & Refurbishment

Based on the 2022 Master Plan, CIP funding is established for the renovation and refurbishment of different assets including fields, access and mobility, courts and irrigation.

2023-28 Budget: $4,400,000

2023 Budget: $900,000

Estimated Completion Date: Ongoing

Community, Culture, Resilience and Safety Tax Projects

Community outreach and design for CCRS projects including East Boulder Community Center, Boulder Creek Path and Civic Area Phase II

2023 Budget: $950,00 for Community Outreach and Design

Estimated Completion Date: Design in 2023 and 2024.

Neighborhood Parks

In 2023, BPR will conduct a renovation of Martin Park’s playground, restroom and shelter.

2023-28 Budget: $6,300,000

2023 Budget: $900,000

Estimated Completion Date: Ongoing. One park refresh per year.

Urban Forest Management

Funding will allow the department to ensure the safety of public as well as expanded urban forest management practices. Funding will support preservation of existing trees, planting of new trees, and associated infrastructure improvements such as irrigation to ensure sustainability of trees. This project overlaps with the Cool Boulder initiative and the Urban Forest Strategic Plan.

2023-28 Budget: $3,000,000

2023 Budget: $500,000

Estimated Completion Date: Ongoing

Boulder Reservoir South Shore Capital Enhancements

This project will provide key improvements to the South Shore recreation area and various visitor amenities as identified in the South Shore Capital Strategy. Funding is planned through 2028 to include a variety of amenities including, but not limited to signage, dock repairs, trail connections, pavilions, facility maintenance and pavement maintenance.

2023-28 Budget: $3,476,500

2023 Budget: $1,300,000

Estimated Completion Date: Ongoing