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Transportation & Mobility

FY2023 Budget

Program Budget Overview

Transportation Maintenance includes the maintenance, operations, and repairs to city streets, bike paths, medians, underpasses, and contracted maintenance for state highways. This workgroup responds to emergencies and maintains mobility through weather-related events.

2023 Activities: Working closely with the Pavement Management Program to coordinate filling potholes, patching in conjunction with pavement overlay work as well as proactive coordination of maintenance.

Snow & Ice

The Snow & Ice subprogram supports safe travel for all modes of transportation during snow events. Snow and ice control focuses on efficiency, effectiveness and safety in alignment with Transportation, Boulder Police Department, and Boulder Fire Department master plans by providing timely response and communication.

Pavement Maintenance & Potholes

Pavement maintenance and pothole repairs focus on extending the lifespan of streets and reducing capital maintenance costs. This is achieved through small and medium sized restorations and mill and overlay projects. Patch sizes rarely encompass the full width of a street and never include full width blocks of streets. Pothole repairs extend the life of pavement sections by removing and replacing small damaged areas by hand. This process reduces water infiltration into the sub grade and prevents damaged areas from growing larger.

Performance measures used include the amount of time to complete the closure of potholes after identification. .

Bikeways & Path Maintenance

This subprogram performs maintenance on multi-use paths to provide safe surfaces for users, clears debris and vegetation from path edges to reduce entanglements and hidden hazards, and performs graffiti removal.

Medians & Irrigation

Medians serve an important role in public safety by limiting conflict points along busy street arterials and also have a calming effect on travel speeds. Further, medians provide an opportunity to ehance the city tree canopy, providing a cooling effect which is consitent with climate action and GHG goals. This program manages this important asset by maintaining vegetation within code compliance heights, repaisr and adjusts irrigation infrastructure, removes and reduces noxious weed populations in public areas, and maintains sight lines at roadway crossings and entrances.

Street Sweeping

This subprogram manages the sweeping operations along city streets to prevent debris flowing into storm water systems and to reduce broken glass hazards for pedestrian and bicycle users.

Alley & Unpaved Road Maintenance

The core function of this subprogram is to smooth the driving surface in unpaved alleys to provide safe access to emergency response vehicles and general multi-modal public use.