2023 Budget

2023 Budget


Department Overview:

The Boulder Public Library connects people, ideas, and information to transform lives and strengthen our community.

Department Programs:

  • Administration (Healthy & Socially Thriving)
  • Collection
  • Community Literacy & Outreach
  • Library Public Services
  • Programs & Events

Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Expenditure by Program

Department Overview


Foundational support for library operations including administrative personnel support, overhead for library facilities, capital, and revenues, and the Library Commission. It includes preservation and access to local history, and technology infrastructure and support.


This program is library collection acquisitions supported by the Library Fund and the personnel who select, process, and maintain the library’s books, media, periodicals and wide variety of electronic resources such as downloadable music, movies, audiobooks, ebooks, and information databases.

Community Literacy & Outreach

This program leverages community volunteer support and partnerships to stengthen community ties, provide access to critical information resources,library programs and services, and conduct literacy-focused outreach to strengthen skills and improve equity and inclusion for everyone with a focus on reaching underserved or otherwise marginalized community members.

Library Public Services

This program is customer-focused operations and facilties to connect community members of all ages with library services and resources.

Programs & Events

This programs leverages grant funding support to provide educational and recreational programs and opportunities for community connection at no cost tocommunity members.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund