Communication & Engagement

2023 Budget

2023 Budget


29.25 FTE

Department Overview:

Guided by a North Star of "Creating Connections for a Thriving Community and Democracy," the Communication and Engagement Department provides both strategic and tactical communication and engagement support to the City Manager, City Council, the organization as a whole, and the city's more than 20 diverse departments. The department is centralized to allow for cross-training, better collaboration among professionals in similar industries, and flexibility to support the city's greatest needs. Several members, however, are embedded in the departments they specifically support. In 2022, the Communication and Engagement Department added eight additional positions to their roster; three of the positions are additional managers to address the department's needs, and five of the positions are internal transfers from other city departments to help centralize the department's operations.

For 2023, the Communication and Engagement Department has requested funding to purchase broadcasting equipment, reestablish the Neighborhood Grant Initiative, reinstate a Volunteer Program Manager position, continue the Community Connectors-in-Residence (CC-in-R) Program, and to bring UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities Initiative to the City of Boulder.

Department Programs:

Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Expenditure by Program

Department Overview

Administration (Accessible & Connected)

The Administration Progam is responsible for helping Communication and Engagement leadership achieve department goals and objectives. This program manages budgetary and financial information, ensures staff has an appropriate work environment and equipment, provides clarity around city policies and regulations, helps communicate systems and policy changes, and supports a thriving and vibrant team culture.

Community & Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services program serves residents by helping them find and utilize city resources, address issues and ideas in partnership with city departments, achieve collective empowerment, and build community in the places individuals feel most at home.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Program fosters more inclusive and meaningful public participation and relationship-building between the Boulder community and local government.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication conveys organizational information to all City of Boulder employees. Topics include changes in employee benefits, city compensation systems, significant city projects, professional development and training, city policies, updates on council work plans, new staff, and in the past year, in particular, pandemic and workplace transformation news.

Media & External Communication

The Media/External Communications Program is responsible for sharing accurate, timely and relevant information from the city, City Council, and the organization's many public-facing departments.

Video Services & Multimedia

The Video Services/Multimedia program is responsible for all video production needs for the city. The team produces weekly newscasts in English and Spanish, as well as informative, compelling short-form videos to share information, updates and inspiration with the community and with city employees.

Department Staffing

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