2023 Operating Budget - By Goal Area

The new and improved budgeting process better aligns our investments with our community goals, reflected in our Sustainability, Equity, and Resilience Framework. Below is the 2023 Budget represented by goal area and highlights of new and continuing significant investments.

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable ($53.4 million base budget; $2.5 million in new investments):

- (New) Open Space Wildfire Resilience ($377,917). Investments in enhanced urban-wildland interface management.

- (New) Planning & Ecological Services ($783,974). Investments include enhanced forestry maintenance and extension and expansion of the urban parks rangers program to help manage safe public spaces.

- Water Resources & Treatment ($18.0 million). Core operations in utilities ensures our clean drinking water and to environmentally sustainable wastewater best practices.

- Resources & Stewardship ($6.2 million). Continued investments in ecological restorations, agricultural management, and trail maintenance and related capital projects on city open space.


Livable ($24.5 million base budget; $18.5 million in new investments):

- (New) Homeless Services & Partnerships ($750,000). New investment in day center services. The funding reflects one-time funding to cover likely service needs in 2023; however, this is likely an ongoing service addition. Capital funding is also likely needed and the location and type of facility are currently under development through a facilitated community process.

- (New) Behavioral Health Response ($965,000). New pilot program for non-law enforcement response to behavioral health-related calls and other circumstances better suited for medical and/or clinician response.

- Community Investments (Affordable Housing) & Compliance ($29.0 million). Programs invest in affordable housing development projects, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) projects and programs, housing assistance, and human services fund grants. Approx. $15 million reflects as new in budget due to new method of budgeting to better reflect actual expenditures.

Accessible & Connected

Accessible & Connected ($57.3 million base budget); $3.0 million in new investments):

- (New) Transportation Planning & Operations ($12.0 million; $1.6 million new). Includes HOP transit service restorations and transportation demand management (TDM) programming and planning.

- (New) Community Engagement ($230,454). Expansion of funding for stipends and programming for the award-winning community connectors program.

-(New) Library Community Literacy & Outreach ($276,691). Expanding the community literacy program through the Library including bilingual outreach.

- Media & External Communications and Video Services ($2.7 million). These programs provide external communications and other services such as Channel 8.


Safe ($80.3 million base budget; $3.7 million in new investments):

- (New) Emergency Operations ($18.1 million; $1.1 million new). Fire-Rescue emergency operations provide critical life-safety response across the community.

- (New) Distribution & Collection System Maintenance ($715,786). Managed by Utilities, this is an expansion of the engagement management team to keep up with demand across public spaces.

- (New) Alternative Police Response ($281,552). This program includes enhancements to the animal protection unit and expands the red light camera program.

- Patrol Services ($17.8 million). Police patrol services contribute to the safety of the community through proactive and engaging policing.

Healthy & Socially Thriving

Healthy & Socially Thriving ($40.5 million base budget; $3.6 million in new investments):

- (New) Library Public Services ($715,722). The 2023 budget includes the addition of operations for the North Boulder Library Branch, expected in late 2023.

- (New) Arts & Culture ($300,000). New funding in 2023 to advance the Experiments in Public Art Program and bolster public art maintenance activities. Other investments in the CIP include public art signage and new public art installations through CCRS.

- (New) Recreation & Parks Operations ($1.1 million). New investments include restoration of swimming lessons at recreation centers, staffing to meet demand of sports and recreation programming, and maintenance activities in parks, including Valmont City Park.

- Older Adult and Family Services ($2.5 million). In addition to these safety net services, the East Age Well Center hours will be restored as a part of the proposed 2023 budget.

Economically Vital

Economically Vital ($17.2 million base budget; $508,572 in new investments):

- (New) Budget ($129,572). Added in the 2023 budget is a citywide grant position to help obtain federal, state, and philanthropic grant dollars to advance critical city programs and projects.

- Economic Vitality & District Management ($3.9 million). These programs support a healthy and sustainable local business environment and the complementary services and programs within special general improvement districts. For 2023, this includes the extension of the downtown ambassador program through Downtown Boulder Partnership.

Responsibly Governed

Responsibly Governed ($85.4 million base budget; $2.0 million in new investments):

- (New) City Clerk Administration ($250,000). The budget includes for implementation of ranked-choice voting.

- IT Infrastructure Services ($5.8 million). This program provides backbone support for the organization to carry out community services and projects.

- Risk Management ($7.8 million). This includes our insurance coverage and ADA compliance efforts.

- Facility Operational Maintenance ($2.6 million). This program is the main maintenance function for city facilities.