General Governance

2023 Budget

2023 Budget


General Governance funds citywide programs and contracts that are not directly associated with any one department in the city. In addition to the 2023 base budget, ongoing funding will be included for the Boulder Day of Remembrance public event to help raise public awareness, recognition and acknowledgement of the tragedy.

General Governance Programs:

  • Non-Departmental Contracts
  • Citywide Memberships
  • Citywide Programs
  • Contingency

Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Department Overview

Non-Departmental Contracts

Non-Departmental Contracts are annual contracts that promote or benefit the city, such as the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Citywide Memberships

Citywide Memberships includes funds for memberships in organizations for city departments and council that assist the city in participating in regional and national decision-making, such as the Colorado Municipal League, Mayor's Innovation Alliance, Denver Regional Council of Governments and others.

Citywide Programs

Funding for citywide programs are funds for programs with an associated time frame or for planning and development of new programs to meet future needs of the city, such as a community survey and annual day of remembrance activities.


The City Manager’s Contingency includes funds set aside for unforeseen matters that may arise during the fiscal year.

Expenditure by Fund

Expenditure by Program