Planning & Development Services

2023 Budget

2023 Budget


96.65 FTE

Department Overview:

The Planning and Development Services Department collaborates with our community to define and implement an inclusive vision for the city’s future while providing consistent and equitable administration of codes and policies to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the community. The permitting, planning, licensing and inspection numbers did not diminish during the pandemic. The number of customers requesting responses to inquiries via InquireBoulder or via appointments also remained high, even though many services that were previously provided over the counter were automated and provided via EnerGov, the city’s permitting and land management system. In the first quarter of 2022 when virtual services only were being provided (besides inspections being performed in the field), P&DS staff received and responded to 1,173 inquiries through InquireBoulder and 112 appointment requests, in addition to direct phone calls and emails. 94 percent of InquireBoulder survey respondents said P&DS staff responses met or exceeded their expectations.

For 2023, the Planning and Development Services Department recommended staff increases to address the city's and community's needs. These additional staff requests include Right of Way Permit Inspectors, Development Review Planners, Code Compliance Project Managers, Building Code Compliance Examiners, Civil Engineers, and an in-person receptionist serving both the Planning and Development Services and Housing and Human Services departments.

Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Expenditure by Program

Department Overview

Administration (Responsibly Governed)

Department Administration includes management of the department through the Director and Deputy Director. Also included in this program is financial workgroup including budgeting, fee setting, financial transactions and payroll. Support provided to P&DS through the Center for Project Excellence is also funded here.

Building Services

Building Services includes includes plan review functions and also building inspection services to verify code compliance to ensure health, safety and general welfare related to buildings.

Code Enforcement

The Code Compliance team in Building Services is responsible for enforcing city regulations involving land use, building code, and residential rental property maintenance.

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning leads planning and polity development projects and programs, and develops and implements the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, subcommunity plans, and manages the historical preservation and urban wildlife programs.

Development Review

Development Review coordinates the review of development applications and makes recommendations to the Planning Board and City Council on development projects, and also is responsible for zoning administration and updates to the city's land use code.

Engineering Review

Engineering Review is responsible for review, permitting and inspection of work by private parties within or impacting public rights-of-way and public easements. This includes utility and transportation infrastructure, and also administering floodplain and wetland protection ordinances.

P&DS Business and Support Services

Business and Support Services administers P&DS operations, including customer service, reception, and permit support. This program also provides advisory board support and administers licensing programs.

P&DS Information Resources

Information Resources provides support for Planning and Development Services department’s business systems, including the land management, permitting, and licensing system - EnerGov, and also provides geographic information system (GIS) and records support.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund