Community Vitality

2023 Budget

2023 Budget

$ 16,819,331

Department Overview:

In 2022, Community Vitality welcomed the Arts and Culture and Special Events workgroups into the department. The newly revised departmental strategic plan is built on the pillars of Cultural Vibrancy, District Vitality, and Access for All. These pillars work together to create a virtuous cycle of investment in the community. Arts and Culture and Special Events enhance the city’s vibrancy and encourage visitation to special districts. These special districts are key economic centers that enhance district vitality by attracting diverse businesses and visitors. By providing access for all through parking and mobility options, the city empowers diverse participation in cultural opportunities and commerce in key economic centers. In 2022, the department focused on integration of all workgroups and a focus on ensuring our key community assets are vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, and safe.

Department Programs:

Pearl Street Mall

Capital and Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

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Department Overview

Administration (Economically Vital)

The Community Vitality Administration provides oversight, support, and strategic direction to the department and fosters partnerships with key stakeholders, both externally and throughout the city organization. Administrative staff also provide liaison support to four advisory boards including the Downtown Management Commission; University Hill Commercial Area Management Commission; Boulder Junction Access District – Parking; and Boulder Junction Access District - Transportation Demand Management, as well as the Arts Commission. The Business Services team seeks to provide exceptional customer service to the department through the delivery of business and financial services, including financial modeling and analysis, information technology support, staff training and development programming, process improvement programming and support, and departmental data analytics in the support of strategic decision-making and operations. Further the Business Services team provides external customer services in selling parking products and assisting visitors and residents with access and parking needs.

Arts & Culture

The Office of Arts and Culture serves as the Local Arts Agency for the City of Boulder including nonprofit grants, public art, programs for artists, creative economy initiatives, and more. Now implementing the 2015 Community Cultural Plan, the mission of the office is to facilitate an alignment in the community around the Shared Vision for Culture: together, we will craft Boulder’s social, physical, and cultural environment to include creativity as an essential ingredient for the wellbeing, prosperity, and joy of everyone in the community.

Community Building & Partnerships

The mission of the Office of Special Events is to lead, manage, and expand special events across the city organization. To accomplish this, the Office of Special Events provides a portfolio of services designed to support the Boulder community, as well as the city's special event, filming, business, and tourism industries. Core services include civic engagement, economic development, special initiatives, major event and film support services, permitting, and promoting Boulder as a film and special event destination.

Economic Vitality & District Management

The District Management work group facilitates a diverse and dynamic economy where residents and businesses grow and succeed together through strategic partnerships (internal and external), policies, and programs. District Vitality further supports the special districts on University Hill, in Boulder Junction and Downtown Boulder, which are key economic centers that enhance economic vitality by attracting diverse businesses and visitors. District Management supports an environment for innovation and cultivating a skilled and diverse workforce through sponsorships, outreach, education, and planning in advancement of financial security, economic opportunity, and social mobility for all.

Parking & Access

The Parking and Access work group maintains and operates downtown, Boulder Junction, and University Hill automobile and bicycle parking infrastructure, including two surface lots and six garages, totaling more than 2,240 auto parking spaces and more than 1,300 bike racks. Additionally, this work group provides operations and enforcement for the on-street parking and Neighborhood Parking Program. The Parking and Access work group uses education and enforcement to manage parking in the downtown, Boulder Junction and University Hill commercial areas, in twelve Neighborhood Parking Permit (NPP) zones, and citywide.

Department Staffing

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