Municipal Court

2024 Budget

2024 Budget


18.35 FTE

Department Overview:

The Municipal Court Department provides an accessible, efficient, and impartial forum for all participants in cases involving municipal ordinance violations; adjudicates cases consistent with the law, the needs of the individual, and the community’s values; and promotes public trust in both the justice system and local government.

Department Programs:

Operating Budget (FY2022-24)

Expenditure by Program

Program Overview

Administration (Safe)

Court Administration is responsible for achieving department goals and objectives; managing budgetary and financial information; assuring adherence to policies and regulations; and leading, developing, and supervising court staff.


Adjudication consists of judges presiding over court sessions with animal, general, parking, photo radar, photo red light, traffic violations, administrative and civil hearings. Staff manage case flow in and out of the courtroom and set court dates.

Case Management

Includes scheduling, payment processing, database management, collections, and other non-compliance actions. Probation staff monitor compliance with court orders and process cases for defendants at Boulder County jail.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund