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FY2023 Budget

Program Budget Overview

Boulder Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport that offers business, private and recreational aviation services to the city and surrounding communities.

The Boulder Municipal Airport budget supports airport operations, repair and renovation of associated city buildings, grounds maintenance, pavement upkeep and repairs, fueling system maintenance, snow removal, planning and management of all Airport Capital Improvement Program projects, and natural resource management.

The 2023 budget focuses on enhancing safety, reducing risk, improving community relations, finding ways to improve facilities, and crafting business frameworks to maximize revenues. Resources will support:

-Continuing community engagement through the Airport Community Conversation project as a preamble to the Airport Master Plan.

-Forming of a Community Compatibility Committee comprised of stakeholders in trusted to collaboratively identify ways to lesson impacts from aircraft operations.

-Conducting a targeted Community Compatibility Noise Study to support mitigating noise impacts to residents.

-Improving safety, another top city priority.

2023 budget enhancements will support:

-Grant administration and compliance.

-Maintenance and operations compliance while enhancing safety and reducing risks

-Leasing administration.

-Community outreach and engagement.

-Development and update of airport rules and regulations.

-Staffing to ensure the city meets its obligations to operate the airport within Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expectations

-Acquiring necessary technology and equipment for a sustained operating environment that is safe all year.

Airport Administration

The Airport Administrative subprogram of the Boulder Airport covers a variety of areas such as:

-Grant administration.

-Leasing policies and programs for tenants.

-Rates, rents and airport fees policies.

-Community outreach and engagement.

-Administering the voluntary noise abatement program.

-Procurement to ensure compliance with FAA requirements.

-Staffing to ensure the airport operates within FAA expectations.

Operations & Maintenance

The Airport Operations & Maintenance Program subprogram includes:

-Compliance in operations and maintenance of airfield.

-Safety Inspections.

-Wildfire mitigation.

-Winter operations.

-Programs to implement FAA grants.

-Community outreach and engagement.

-Irregular operations response, such as incidents or accidents.

-Management of airport rules and regulations.

-Work to ensure compliance with FAA requirements.