Facilities & Fleet

2023 Budget

2023 Budget

$ 29,939,690

46.17 FTE

The Facilities & Fleet Department provides expertise and strategic stewardship of city buildings, vehicles, and radio assets in alignment with city goals and community values. The department consists of three divisions: Facilities, Fleet and Radio Services. The Facilities Division provides new construction, major maintenance, renovation and replacement, and O&M services for over 70 city-owned buildings and structures. The Fleet Division maintains over 500 vehicles and over 600 pieces of equipment such as fire trucks, police vehicles, snowplows, dump trucks, as well as operates a fuel station and electric charging infrastructure. Radio Services ensures comprehensive coverage and redundancy all the time (24/7/365) for public safety and emergency first responders through 900 portable and mobile radios and stationary communications equipment, including five radio towers.

The Facilities & Fleet Department manages the Capital Development, Facility Renovation and Replacement, and Equipment Replacement funds, which is inclusive of radio infrastructure replacement. The department also manages the Fleet Replacement Fund, by actively working with internal customers to replace vehicles with those that are electric or alternatively fueled and providing a variety of fuel types for the city’s fleet.

Department Programs:

  • Administration
  • Capital Equipment Replacement
  • Citywide Building and Site Projects
  • Custodial Operations
  • Energy Management
  • Facility Operational Maintenance
  • Fleet Operations
  • Fleet Replacement
  • Radio System Management

Capital and Operating Budget (FY2021-23)

Program Overview


Administrative, including financial and payroll support for the department.

Capital Equipment Replacement

Program that supports department capital equipment replacement needs. Departments transfer replacement contributions each year to support the future replacement of capital equipment.

Citywide Building and Site Projects

The staff and resources needed to support the Facilities CIP programs, as well as smaller facility projects that fall outside of the scope of the CIP.

Custodial Operations

The in-house staff and contracted custodial services to keep city buildings safe, welcoming, and inclusive. This includes surface cleaning, snow removal, window washing, etc.

Energy Management

The strategic management of citywide energy needs, including the electrification of buildings to reduce Boulder's carbon emissions and the transition to renewable energy sources where available.

Facility Operational Maintenance

The operational maintenance of over 70+ buildings in the City's asset portfolio, including preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance, access control, and security.

Fleet Operations

Fleet Services maintains over 1,200 vehicles and fleet equipment units. This program includes fleet repairs, preventative maintenance, new vehicle outfitting, and fuel expenses that are needed to keep the city's fleet operating safely and efficiently.

Fleet Replacement

Program that supports department fleet replacement needs. Departments transfer replacement contributions each year to support the future replacement of vehicles and fleet equipment when they reach the end of their useful life.

Radio System Management

The maintenance and management of the City's recently upgraded radio system, including radio tower infrastructure, radio unit maintenance and replacement, and specialized support for the City's public safety departments which rely on the radio system during regular operations as well as emergency response calls.

Expenditure by Program

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund