Capital Improvement Plan

Innovation & Technology

Spending on Projects within Innovation & Technology

Overview of Innovation & Technology Projects

The majority of the Innovation & Techology department's projects are capital maintenance projects that involve the replacement and upgrade to existing systems and software. However, in the next few years, the department expects to focus significant efforts on transforming technical operations and capacity. The pace of change in technology is a significant factor to consider when planning projects, and offers both new opportunities and challenging threats to mitigate.

The shifting composition of the City of Boulder's workforce will require attention as we emerge from the pandemic and return to an office environment significantly different from its previous design, including a remodel to the City's council chambers space to include hybrid technology. The department will also assist with the planned replacement of the City's finance system along with continuing the phased implementation of the enterprise data platform. Additionally, the City plans to invest in upgrades to the existing network infrastructure, replacement of the virtual server and storage system, and replacement of the system for data backup and disaster recovery.

Software Replacement

Laptop with screen

This is an ongoig Capital Maintenance project for software and other project expenses needed to ensure timely replacement of the city's software applications. These systems are necessary to conduct day to day city business. During 2023 the current finance software system will be replaced.

2023-28 Budget $5,720,000

2023 Budget $5,420,000

Estimated Completion Date 12/31/2023

Council Chambers Remodel

Council Chambers

The technology in the council chambers will be overhauled to modern technology that will allow for in-person meetings, hybrid meetings, and broadcast meetings. The newer technology will allow for staff to freely use the room with support from Channel 8 or Technology. This project covers the chamber technology and facilities needs while the broadcast pieces are included in a different project for communications.

2023-28 Budget $450,000

2023 Budget $450,000

Estimated Completion Date 12/31/2023

Network Hardware Replacement

Network cables into port

This is an ongoing Capital Maintenance project and includes the hardware and related software used to provide and support a reliable and secure high-speed data and voice communications infrastructure to connect City computing devices to internal data repositories and computing services, while supporting connectivity to the Internet and other external data resources and services. Project involves maintenance and end of life equipment replacement.

2023-28 Budget $3,765,000

2023 Budget $280.000

Estimated Completion Date - ongoing project