Transportation & Mobility

2024 Budget

2024 Budget


97.6 FTE

Department Overview:

The Transportation & Mobility Department is dedicated to travel safety in and around Boulder as well as maintaining existing infrastructure. The top priority of the department is improving the quality of life in Boulder by planning, maintaining, and managing public investments.

Transportation & Mobility is dedicated to building a people-first transportation system where everyone of all mobility levels can get where they need to go safely and efficiently. Walking and rolling are great ways to experience Boulder’s beautiful outdoors – in fact, Boulder features more than 150 miles of bike-friendly infrastructure and is consistently rated as one of the most bike- and pedestrian-friendly cities in the country.

The city strives to create a transportation system that is sustainable and reduces negative impacts on Boulder’s natural environment, whether that’s through electrifying our local bus fleet, supporting walkable neighborhoods, or building multimodal infrastructure that makes it easy and convenient to choose non-vehicular modes of travel. Boulder is also a Vision Zero city, which means it joins other cities worldwide in working to eliminate all serious injuries and fatalities caused by traffic crashes through safe street design.

Department Programs:

Capital and Operating Budget (FY2022-24)

Expenditure by Program

Program Overview

Administration (Accessible & Connected)

Administration is responsible for managing divisions and providing budgetary and administrative support and assistance to the overall department. Additionally, this program provides guidance on division work processes to operate smoothly and efficiently as a department.

Transportation & Mobility Planning

Transportation Planning includes the planning, programming, and policy work of the department by encouraging Boulder to design and use the multimodal system, including transit and the operation of the transportation demand management system. This group also oversees the city’s progress toward meeting the goals of the 2019 Transportation Master Plan.

Transportation & Mobility Operations

Transportation Operations ensures a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system including the operating, and maintaining of appropriate infrastructure and traffic control, including signage, pavement markings and traffic signals.

Transportation & Mobility Maintenance

Transportation Maintenance includes the maintenance, operations, and repairs to city streets, bike paths, medians, underpasses, and contracted maintenance for state highways. This workgroup responds to emergencies and maintains mobility through weather-related events.


The Airport program consists of airport operations, repair and renovation of associated city buildings, grounds maintenance, pavement upkeep and repairs, fueling system maintenance, snow removal, planning and management of all CIP projects, and natural resource management at the Boulder Municipal Airport.

CIP Management

CIP Management is responsible for the management of capital projects from design to construction. This includes consultant management, construction project documentation, processes, and grant administration. The current focus is on council priorities such as the Core Arterial Network, Vision Zero and capital maintenance programs and projects.

Department Staffing

Expenditure by Fund