Capital Improvement Program

2024-29 Fire-Rescue Department Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Summary

Spending on Projects within Fire-Rescue

Overview of Fire-Rescue Projects

Fire-Rescue updated its departmental Master Plan in early 2020 and included a number capital replacement and enhancement elements that would enable the department to achieve its council-accepted strategic goals over the next 7-10 years under three funding scenarios: Fiscally Constrained, Action, and Vision.

Replacement of Public Safety Incident Command Vehicle

A replacement of the Public Safety Incident Command Vehicle (ICV) is planned for 2025, which will serve as a shared asset with the City's public safety departments and City of Boulder regional partners. The vehicle will be used for critical incidents within the City of Boulder and regionally, and will be used as the command center for Police and Fire-Rescue Departments to strategize their response during critical incidents such as fires, floods, riots, or other emergencies. A new vehicle will replace the existing ICV.

2024-2029 Planned Spending: $1.45M

2024 Budget: $0

Estimated Purchase Date: 2025