Behavioral Health Response


Housing & Human Services

FY2023 Budget

Program Budget Overview

The Behavioral Health Response program represents a newly organized program in the department, comprising Behavioral Health Strategy Partnerships, the Crisis Intervention and Response Team, and a new pilot program for 2023 to support non-law enforcement alternative response for those in need. The Crisis Intervention and Response Team (CIRT) provides licensed behavioral health clinicians who work alongside police officers to help people who are experiencing mental health crisis. HHS staff also participate in and provide guidance for regional mental and behavioral health collaborative strategies and investments.

In 2023, $965,000 in one-time budget enhancements will support a pilot of a new non-law enforcement alternative response program, the Community Assistance Response Team, to pilot a team to respond without police to 9-1-1 or non-emergency calls that do not involve criminal activity, safety concerns, or major medical needs. The goals of the program are to increase positive health and welfare impacts for individuals and the community through on-scene assessment and connection to services, as well as increasing efficient use of police and fire resources by diverting calls that could be better served by an alternative response. Funding includes two behavioral health clinicians, two case managers, two paramedics, two vehicles and necessary supplies to serve community members in the field.

This program also includes $68,666 in nonpersonnel expense enhancements for 3.0 new CIRT staff, including one CIRT Case Manager and two CIRT Clinicians, added mid-year in 2022 to support the CIRT program. In addition, $165,000 in anticipated grants is included in the 2023 Budget. In prior years, the department has submitted this item as a mid-year amendment. In 2023, this funding is included in the 2023 Budget as a realignment of appropriation with the annual budget submittal.

Behavioral Health Strategy Partnerships

Overview: staff engagement with city departments and with regional partner agencies to shape and support behavioral health policies that meet the needs of diverse community members.

Crisis Intervention and Response Team

Overview: HHS licensed clinician staff work alongside police officers responding to people experiencing mental health crisis, and provide referrals and resources for mental health support.

Community Assistance Response Team Pilot Program

Overview: a pilot project supported by non-law enforcement mental health professionals who would respond directly to certain low-level emergency and non-emergency calls for those in need.